Does multimedia trump traditional journalism?

7 03 2009

Multimedia are all the rage these days. Almost every national and metro newspaper have entire sections of their Web site dedicated to it.

With shifting technology and a currently shaky business model brought on by “new media” for traditional news outlets, multimedia is one example of the byproduct between traditional and new media.

My thoughts about multimedia? They’re the ultimate experience that incorporates disseminating information in a way that is visually entertaining and attractive.

Multimedia is the essence of digital storytelling – using words, pictures, audio, video and graphics to bring the news to viewers. 

I recently (warning: shameless plug ahead) had my first shot at multimedia at my school’s paper. It’s not the best and certainly could use improvements. I plan on making more so I’ll keep you all posted.

On a side note, remember last week’s post about Jarom Watts who attempted to break two Guinness World records (Oh you don’t? Then you should click here)? Looks like he did break the world record for world’s largest bubble. Here is part of an email update from the self-described “bubbilusionist” himself:

“Although I didn’t feel 100% satisfied with the bubble I closed off indoors, I was able to create a record-breaking bubble later on in the outside parking lot that was measured at 483 cubic feet – over four times the size of the current world record. To give you a sense of scale, if that bubble were filled with water, it would hold 3,613 gallons and weigh 15 tons!”

And if you want to see him do it in the flesh, you can request your very own bubble show in the comfort of your own home.



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