To be a journalist – what are the prerequisites?

13 03 2009
Editor’s note: I have broken one of the golden rules of blogging. You have to actually blog. I have angered to gods of the blogosphere. Apologies.

I have been taking an independent study regarding online journalism this past semester. I, along with other peers, have been exploring different aspects of the evolving journalism field.

Digital journalism has made it easier to become “journalistic.” Anyone with a point-and-shoot can take pictures and video. Anyone who knows anything about the Web can blog.  People no longer need to access information from news authorities like NY Times or respected figureheads like Walter Kronkite.

Citizen journalism – a byproduct of advancing technology, increasing access and a changing face of journalism (An example of citizen journalism on YouTube. Another citizen journalist  who’s taken a social work approach).

This past January, I was part of a Whitworth media program that sends several students to New York City and Washington D.C. to meet with media executives and professionals. Here is a video clip from my YouTube channel from Lucy Daglish, executive editor for Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. She talks about the definition of bloggers and citizen journalism.

The digital revolution certainly has put a strain on the news industry. The definition of journalism blurring (click here to read the journalist’s ethics code).

What are we to do?



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