Graduation angst from a sophomore

14 03 2009

I discussed  with  my friend, who is a senior, what his plans are after graduation this morning.

He said he is not quite sure.

Several of my friends are seniors and the general consensus is either:

  • They have no clue what they’re going to do after graduation.
  • They have a clue of what they want to do but can’t get the job.

Especially during an economic recession, organizations and companies are slimming down their work force. Newspapers and media organizations are one of many sectors experiencing the brunt of the slumping economy.

My friends who are senior journalism majors have one of the toughest competitions – with several newspapers being shut down, even professionals can’t find work.

Let’s just say I am very relieved I will not be graduating this year. Hopefully, the economy will get better and not worse by the time I graduate.




One response

16 03 2009

let’s hope so! then you can financially support me and your sister! which is the way it should be. 😉

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