17 04 2009

Imagine you were stranded on a faraway island with nine other people that survived a plane crash. You and the other survivors try to set up camp and hope someone comes to save all of you. While looking for food, you realize there are none. However, what you do find is one refrigerator that happens to be fully stocked with water and food. As the others gather around, all of you soon realize that with effective rationing, there would be only enough to sustain four bodies.

If you have taken any courses involving biology, economics or history, you know that left to human’s own devices, they will most likely:

A. War over the limited resources

B. War over the limited resources

It happens in real life too: oil, land, gold and other resources. And now – the internet too.

It’s a no brainer that internet usage is increasing by each passing click of the button. The average U.S. Internet usage alone this month equals 2,554 Web pages viewed per person, according to Nielsen.

All those videos and shows you’re watching on YouTube and Hulu? And all those time you go on Facebook or Twitter when you should really be working? It might come to haunt you in the form of your internet bill.

Comcast has already put a 250-gigabyte cap on users (God knows what anyone does with that much). And Time Warner Cable planned to implement a metered billing plan until it received substantial backlash from consumers and lawmakers.

But U.S. consumers don’t seem to be so keen on this idea. Other countries like Australia, Canada and the UK already have some form of capping of their consumer’s internet use.

So What does this mean? That most likely in the future, the more you play, the more you pay.




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