Week in review

27 04 2009

1. USA Today did a pretty good job earlier this week splitting up where the stimulus spending is going by federal agencies.

2. More information on how CIA agents implemented harsh interrogation techniques during the Bush administration (extraordinary rendition) is coming to light.

3. Want to know what Oprah is doing right now? Follow her on Twitter.

4.  New Hope Church in Florida is under fire for advertising a sermon called “Great sex for you.” Pastor Bruce Cadle said  the Christian church has been “shamefully silent” on the taboo topic. You know what else is a taboo topic? Pornography (part two of series coming out this Tuesday).

5. Meet the men who participated in Hakka at my school’s annual Luau – a series of portraits. Visit my blog Tuesday to see a multimedia of the Hakka. Don’t know what Hakka is? See the video below.



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