My summer adventure in the Golden State

27 05 2009

I hate sitting in confined spaces for long periods of time. In fact, my body dislikes it so much, I usually end up knocked out whenever I travel. On a plane, sitting shotgun – anything. If not sleep, it’s distracting myself to kill the time so having to have my butt glued to my car seat for an accumulated 17 plus hours will be interesting.

As promised I am sharing my tentative travel plans and internship details. I’m planning to get on the road early Friday, May 29 at 7 a.m. (lots of caffeine). Since driving from Seattle straight to L.A. would be suicide, one of my friend’s relative will be letting my stay at his home for a couple days in San Francisco:

An estimated 11 hours, according to Google Maps.
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Lessons learned from snagging an internship at the L.A. Daily News

24 05 2009
Editor’s note: come back soon for a blog post with more details about my summer internship. And maps!

Who knew that someone like me, who was scrambling to find a summer job as my second year in college was speeding to a close, would end up snagging a job at the L.A. Daily News, the second largest newspaper in California behind the L.A. Times. Wow.

Let me just add a little backstory to this whole thing.

I try to be as organized and on top of things as I can. As a student journalist who aspires to be a reporter, I’ve been told countless times the importance of newsroom internship experience before graduating.

No serious news organization will hire a journalism grad with zero experience and  past work to show – even if that person graduated with a 4.0 GPA and high honors.

I sent an application and resume to a local mid-size newspaper my freshman year knowing I didn’t have a real shot at getting the internship – even if I wrote for my university’s student newspaper. After all, most news organizations hire juniors-rising-seniors for their summer internship programs.

But as one of my advisers in the journalism department told me my freshman year, the most important thing was to get my name in – to let them know my name and who I am for future reference.

As predicted, I didn’t get the internship that summer. I ended up working for a great organization called the Northwest Leadership Foundation instead. Was it a journalism or news related job? No. Was I able to utilize my interests in writing and journalism for the internship anyway? Yes.

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Photo Story: Keilah Fanene

16 05 2009

Last month I posted my Hakka multimedia project I worked on during my school’s annual lu’au. The following is another project I worked on for my photojournalism class. It is a photo story on Keilah Fanene.

You can read a short story on her along with the photo story by going to my Flickr page.

Get to know Whitworth professors

13 05 2009

Knowing the Knowledgable

If you ask a Whitworth student what makes the school stand out, one of the most popular answers you’ll get will be “the professors.”

Indeed, one of the things I appreciate about Whitworth is that you get to know your professors. You can visit them during their office hours, have conversation over coffee and sometimes will have a meal at their home.

Several of The Whitworthian staff members and I who enrolled in an independent study together exploring the different elements of online journalism created a special features page for The Whitworthian about five professors from various departments. Click on the image at the top or here to go to the special features page.

The professor a friend and I worked up is available here.

Making a name for yourself

6 05 2009

With summer looming right before me as I wrap up my second year of college, I’m on the job hunt.

Because most newspapers and news organizations have an online presence, it’s important for student journalists like me to understand the resources and abilities the Web provides.

It’s called free advertising!

with the capabilities of the Internet, the idea of mailing a resume and work examples have become somewhat outdated.

Instead of a prospective employer looking at the job application you sent via snail mail, they’re most likely going to look you up on the Web. Or maybe the application you sent to their email looks great on paper, but things about you online say otherwise. Or even worse – nothing.
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Week in review

4 05 2009

1. The Whitworthian, the student-newspaper I work for, earned several Mark of Excellence Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. This includes Best Affiliated Web site in the region and second place in Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper in the region.

2. Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter changed political parties from being a Republican to Democrat. This will give the Democrats enough seats in Congress to wield more centralized power in legislation.

3. Check out an in-depth news package about gender issues and women done by Jasmine Linabary, the online editor of The Whitworthian.

4. A fourth-grade student asks former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice about the legality of the torture methods used during the Bush administration.

5. I’ve ate unhealthy amounts of food this past week that is undoubtedly clogging my arteries as we speak (eating dinner followed by eating a “like it” Oreo Overload at Cold Stone followed by eating two tacos, and a sampler at Jack in the Box for example). Speaking of describing my food consumption to explain my inner obese child….

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