Week in review

4 05 2009

1. The Whitworthian, the student-newspaper I work for, earned several Mark of Excellence Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. This includes Best Affiliated Web site in the region and second place in Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper in the region.

2. Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter changed political parties from being a Republican to Democrat. This will give the Democrats enough seats in Congress to wield more centralized power in legislation.

3. Check out an in-depth news package about gender issues and women done by Jasmine Linabary, the online editor of The Whitworthian.

4. A fourth-grade student asks former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice about the legality of the torture methods used during the Bush administration.

5. I’ve ate unhealthy amounts of food this past week that is undoubtedly clogging my arteries as we speak (eating dinner followed by eating a “like it” Oreo Overload at Cold Stone followed by eating two tacos, and a sampler at Jack in the Box for example). Speaking of describing my food consumption to explain my inner obese child….



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