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9 06 2009

I have a growing appreciation for classical music. I like concerts that feel big, yet have an intimate feel to it. Most of all, I’m a sucker for anything free.

So when a family member of whom I’m staying with took me to Music Under the Stars in Pasadena that offered all of the above, it was nothing short of wonderful (more pictures of the event can be seen on my Flickr).

Hispanic-flavored entertainment were plentiful during the preshow leading up to Music Under the Stars, which took place on the steps of Pasadena's city hall, June 7.

The free concert took place right on the steps to Pasadena’s City Hall (which is beautiful in sunset), with Pasadena POPS and other bands, choirs and musical talent.

Aside from a few classical pieces, the Pasadena POPS played a variety of selections ranging from West Side Story, Louis Armstrong, Schindler’s List and Superman.

Music Director Rachael Worby was a mixture of seriousness and fun (she even let Target’s mascot direct the orchestra in one of the songs). They played through the evening just as the sun was shining its last golden rays over the hall steps.

It was a great way to finish of my first weekend in L.A.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve explored the Griffith Observatory (excellent museum inside about space), Hollywood (where I had my first star sighting), UCLA, several coffee shops, great hole-in-the-wall restaurants and Silver Lake, to name a few.

There are still countless places I need to explore but L.A. and SoCal is a pretty cool place (minus its overpopulated, overcongested, highly disproportionate amount of wealth/access issues, to also name a few).

To change subjects, today was my first day working at the L.A. Daily News – I had a great time.

After finishing my last bit of paperwork, getting by I.D. badge (I have to say, I look pretty official now) and some crash course on their content managing system and other online related work, I was able to get my first byline in – which happened to be a breaker for their Web site (yeah, pretty sweet).

I met a few of the other interns, though I didn’t get too much of a chance to talk to them – I get to officially meet my partner this Friday.

It’s interesting to see how a mid-size paper company – who covers around half of L.A. County – is adapting to the current state of the news industry.

As one of the staff members from the Daily News half-jokingly asked me after a budget meeting, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

I was sure then and now after my first day of working for a newspaper, I couldn’t be more sure of it.



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23 06 2009
Śląsk Zdjęcia Ślubne

Śląsk Zdjęcia Ślubne…

Nice article. Its always a good time to see, what You are doing….

20 06 2009
Pasadena Restaurants

Great news, good luck on all your endeavors, keep updating us!

10 06 2009

Dear Yong,

I am so glad you joined us at Music Under the Stars! I love your photos. Would you be willing to share them?

Elizabeth Fieux
Director of Development and Marketing
Pasadena Symphony Assocation

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