Notes from a L.A. Daily News intern

16 06 2009

A week has passed since my first day at the Daily News, and I’ve been having a great time learning and practicing online journalism.

I broke an online, shot and produced a video about  Los Angeles’ rising gas prices (with a few gas station owners kicking me off their property) and have been assigned to cover the $2 million Laker Parade this Wednesday after their NBA Championship win last Sunday (though I hope the crowd won’t be as dangerous).

I will be taking photos and audio during the 11 a.m. parade in downtown L.A. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not sports nut – I don’t watch ESPN SportsCenter or read the latest points in the paper. However, taking photos for it is another story – especially for an action-packed sport like basketball. And I hear Laker fans are one of the most intense.Laker Parade Route

I will be Tweeting live through the L.A. Daily News’ Twitter account along with my partner. Follow them if you’d like to receive the insider’s coverage of the parade.




2 responses

17 06 2009

Be careful about getting into sports coverage, cause if Danika finds out you know she’s going to rope you into writing and doing multimedia for her next year 🙂

16 06 2009

Have fun. this is great Bobby Gee.. Check out my blog

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