Web tools every journalist and web-savvy should know and use

31 07 2009

I’m all about technology that saves time, money and work.

With that being said, here are a few tools that I use daily (and that journos and non alike can use) that makes life easier: Read the rest of this entry »


Can journalists be outsourced?

24 07 2009

Today’s world is all about global collaboration, opening of resources and creating accessibility. You see it almost everywhere in jobs, businesses and the economy.

Pulitzer Prize winner, NY Times columnist and author Thomas L. Friedman writes much about this 21st century phenomenon  in “The World Is Flat.”

Though the book didn’t focus on the news industry, it got me thinking: if Friedman is explaining how virtually all industries are being affected by globalization and new technologies, what about a news company like the very one he works for?

Courtesy of Kewei Shang

Courtesy of Kewei Shang

There’s a likely chance the customer service person you’re speaking with on the phone about your U.S. product is, in fact, not from the U.S. but working in a call center in Bangalore, India.

The several hundred parts used to construct the laptop or computer you are using to read this post can undoubtedly be traced to dozens of different countries (don’t worry, Friedman did the dirty work for me)

Much of today’s technology and past world history contributes to the shift being witnessed in the global economy. Part of  this shift, as illustrated above, is about cutting out unnecessary hindrances and costs.

For example, when was the last time you bought a plane ticket through a travel agent? The internet allows people to cut out the middle man (or woman) and directly purchase tickets through Web sites like Orbitz and Expedia.

Friedman’s book got me thinking: with almost every job sector experiencing the effects of globalization (good and bad of globalization), in/outsourcing and some sort of “flattening” process, what about the news industry? Can journalism be outsourced?
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Michael Jackson – the king of pop and the king of weird

8 07 2009

Michael Jackson’s death did quite a number on people.

There was crying, shock, unbelief, hysteria, gnashing of teeth (okay, maybe not the last one). But I was quite unfazed when I first heard the news while in the LADN newsroom.

Michael Jackson's star on Holleywood Boulevard

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m a cold person and don’t care about humanity (though people around the world die all the time), it’s just I didn’t grow up with the whole Michael Jackson phenomenon. What I knew of Michael Jackson was who he was the last 10 to 15 years – an eccentric guy who did eccentric things. From the  child sex abuse controversies to his nose that looked scarier and scarier as the years passed, I came to see him as just plain weird.
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