Making sense of why news companies are failing online

18 01 2010

Below is an audio/visual presentation I created that focuses on why the traditional business model for news media won’t work.


The one man band: a visual illustration of what a multimedia journo typically does

15 01 2010

Click for larger view (PDF)

With the exception of the “digital journalist” banner at the top, I haven’t added  any of my design work on my blog (though I should start).

I created a vector illustration, along with adding some copy for a print design project (right).

I decided to explain a little bit of my job description as a multimedia journalist for those who might not really quite understand what I do.

Because this blog is dedicated to digital journalism I thought it would be an apt place show what many  journalists are doing now in the digital age.

The print design was used with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. I’m not sure how many of you would be interested to read the technical process of how this was created so I will spare you some geek speak. But if you are interested, feel free to ask.

Tips on effective storytelling from popular public radio host Ira Glass

8 01 2010

Good journalists know how to tell the facts. Great journalists know how to tell a story.

Whether through words, images, video or audio, reporters of any medium need to know how to skillfully create a compelling narrative.

Ira Glass, American public radio personality, knows all about creating the hook, line and sinker, so to speak.

Photo by Kevin J. Zimmerman.

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Did Mickey Mouse kill creative freedom for the digital age?

6 01 2010

As a digital native, I often get frustrated with today’s copyright laws regarding to the digital age. Simply put, it can be a big pain in the derriere–and we all have Walt Disney to thank for that (VIDEO:Copyright 101 via Disney illustration).

Stanford professor Larry Lessig discusses how today’s copyright law is killing creativity for today’s digital creative society.
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