A Yank soon-to-be Sydneysider

12 02 2010

For the next 11 months, I will be trading in fuzzy little squirrels for kangaroos in Australia (and proof that my dream to ride in the pouch of one is that much more realized).

This saturday, I’ll be enduring a 20-hour flight before I can finally set my feet in Oz. And of course what better way to start the cultural immersion early by flying QantasLonely Planet guide to Australia in tow.

I’ve been practicing my Aussie accent, but I have to say it is not nearly as developed as my queen’s English. But I’ll be the one with an accent for once…a strange realization.

From Seattle, then Los Angeles, to my final destination in Sydney.

I will be studying at Macquarie University under their media studies program.

The uni (as the aussies say it) is nestled in Sydney’s high-tech northwest region.

Transitioning from a small, private university to a major urban campus will be a minor adjustment (although the urbanite within me is filled with glee to have a change of scene).

Macquarie appealed to me because of its location in a major urban city, the larger student population and greater resources within their journalism studies.

Here are my confirmed courses so far:

1. Multimedia Theory and Production

2. Media Forms: From Alphabet to Internet

3. Introduction to Digital Media Production (hoping it’s not too introductory)

I applied for their internship program in journalism as my fourth course and I hope I will have the opportunity to intern at a major daily news company in Sydney. It will be a great way for me to get hands on experience with how a news organization works in a foreign place (not to mention practicing some foreign reporting skills).

Luckily (and strangely), two other students from my homeschool, one whom I befriended this past semester, will be attending Macquarie so I won’t be completely alone.

All in all, I’m extremely excited, eager and enthused to have the opportunity to experience Australia for a year. Here’s hoping and striving for the best.





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22 07 2010
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12 02 2010

Make sure you try Pavlova (their national dessert), Lamingtons and Tim Tans (named best chocolate cookie “in the world”).

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