Getting my toes wet in radio broadcasting

18 04 2010

As a student journalist specializing in multimedia, radio production is one of my least areas of experience. My home university doesn’t offer the best in this area of journalism, which is in part why I decided to study at a university that has the resources and technology to provide deeper knowledge and experience on how to make news in a medium that solely depends on sound.

The audio file below was my first assignment in my radio production unit. A partner and I was given the task to think up of a question and ask it to people on the streets while we capture their responses with a recorder. This bread and butter practice in journalism is known as vox pop.

A reporter interviewing a protester outside Calgary's U.S. consulate. This is one of the pictures by me at the Pan-Canadian Day of Action on Canada's military involvement in Afghanistan put on by the Canadian Peace Alliance in downtown Calgary, Alberta.

Vox pop is from the Latin phrase vox populi meaning “voice of the people.” The method of asking people on the street about their opinions on a particular issue is a common practice in radio, print and TV journalism (The online medium has similar practices such as crowd sourcing and interactive capabilities that allow for comments and dialogue in forums, blogs and news sites).

My vox pop question: If your home was on fire and you only could save one possession, what would it be? With the recent fatal roof insulation program debacle that sparked criticism towards Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, We asked students at Macquarie University what they would save. Most responses were sentimental or purely for practical reasons (and some outright kooky that didn’t make it to post production).

Click on the link below to listen.





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