China’s advance as second largest global economy: are we getting the full picture?

2 09 2010
Editor’s note: the following radio cue sheet was written for the announcer.
The current affairs piece originally aired August 27, 2010.

A Chinese worker makes his way along a construction site in Suining, Sichuan province. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images (Courtesy of The Guardian)


China is known to hold titles of “World’s Largest.” They are the world’s biggest consumer of energy, have the world’s biggest car market and the world’s biggest populated country.

And now, China’s economic trajectory  is heading one step closer to possibly holding another: the world’s largest economy.

Quarterly figures released in August showed China eclipsing Japan to become the second largest economy in the world behind the US–an achievement for a country that only had half of Japan’s economy five years ago.

But what does China’s economic development really mean? And are the reports being made by the news media completely accurate?

Kyle Kim talks to Macquarie University Associate Professor of Economics, Sean Turnell to give us a deeper understanding of China’s economy.

Listen Now (2:50).


That was Kyle Kim with Macquarie University Associate Professor of Economics Sean Turnell. Turnell has been published in numerous international journals and featured in news media including the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, New York Times, CNN and the BBC.


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