The Grimmer side of fairy tales

14 04 2011

Viktor Vasnetsov: The Sleeping Beauty (Early 20th century)

Fairy tales are a part of everyone’s childhood memory. Who doesn’t know a 5-year-old American girl that doesn’t know at least one of the Disney fairy tale princesses? There’s a reason why Disney (with its trademark logo resembling a fairy tale castle might I add) has produced 50 fairy tale remakes: we love the classic prince and princess stories that have happy endings.

But as I found out,  the fairy tales of the past and interpretations of the present have a not-so-Disney-friendly vibe.

From the Grimm Brothers to psychoanalysis of fairy tales, this radio feature explores the darker side of fairy tales.

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American vs. Australian coffee: is there a difference?

31 05 2010

Photo credit: Tonx (Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic)

Editor’s note: This radio feature aired June 29, 2010 on 2SER 107.3FM.

Seattle may be known as the coffee capital of America, but here in Sydney and Melbourne, American coffee is generally considered nothing more but mediocre and uninspiring. A true blue coffee loving Aussie would never be caught dead holding a caramel Frappuccino–because to them, it’s more milkshake than proper coffee. So why such coffee snobbery? My partner and I talked to a coffee entrepreneur and expert, barista champion, Australian coffee companies and coffee drinkers to learn the difference in coffee tastes and culture.

Listen now.

It’s been both fun and challenging to produce my first radio feature. The experience demands a certain kind of creativity and imagination that’s a little different compared to print and photojournalism. Being able to only use sound forces me to see storytelling through ears. Learning about Australian coffee culture was interesting to learn considering coming from the Seattle area; suffice to say, I may reconsider the next time I ask for a vanilla latte from Starbucks.

This feature was created and produced by Kyle Kim and Mark Williamson. Special thanks goes to Andy Simpkin, Scottie Callaghan and staff at Belaroma, Lauren Gibson from Gloria Jean’s, Pine Tea and Coffee and the Australian Coffee Traders Association.

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